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Master of the Ocean is so proud to support this awesome event. Cabarete is the happiest place on earth this week, with over 40 amazing local and international kite boarders in full action! Susi Mai has done it again by bringing the magic of water sports and putting her hometown of Cabarete in the limelight for a much missed world championship. Let the games begin and stay tuned for some epic showdowns! GoDominicanRepublic Republique Dominicaine MontrealDominikanische Republik Tourist Board Deutschland Millennium Resort & Spa GoDominicanRepublic Ministerio de Turismo República Dominicana Francina Herasme Teodori Infante Indira Jose Paola Villegas Evelyn PaiewonskyYesenia Rosario Hidalgo Turismo Republica Dominicana MARCOS DIAZ Repubblica Dominicana - Ufficio del Turismo

MaiTai Global is thrilled to announce the launch of the World Kiteboarding League’s (WKL) inaugural Freestyle Invitational. With the help of our amazing supporters, we have managed to bring this competition back to the very place where Susi made her big debut into the world of professional kiteboard...
Master Of The Ocean updated their cover photo.

The three times crowned Master of the Ocean titleholder Zane Kekoa Schweitzer at his best! Photo: Tony Roberts

"The three times crowned Master of the Ocean titleholder @[147867351956030:274:Zane Kekoa Schweitzer] at his best! Photo: @[672236332:2048:Tony Roberts]"

Cabarete the Utopia of water sports!

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