15th Master Of The Ocean
February 23rd - 27th 2018
Cabarete - Northshore
Dominican Republic
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MOTO on BBC World

BBC World

The Travel Show

The Worlds Championship for Watermen and Water Women made it to the prestigious BBC program, The Travel Show! It's a huge achievement considering The Travel Show is renowned for its famous destinations features. Click on the link for more! And thank you BBC!

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2016 WINNER!
Zane Schweitzer

2016 WINNER!

Congratulations to Zane Schweitzer for the third consecutive title Master Of The Ocean!

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2016 Sponsors

Master Of The Ocean thanks all the sponsors for making this event a reality!

Sponsor Room

Price money US $10,000

When & Where

Master of the Ocean is fortunate to host the event in one of the absolute best and historically renowned destinations in the world. You will travel to the North Shore of the Dominican Republic, a quick 20 minutes from the airport, to where the pioneers were figuring the sports back then, and still do. Cabarete, Dominican Republic! The Adventure Sports Capital of the Caribbean. February 23rd - 28th 2016